Why Should I Buy a Custom Glass Shower Door?

Uniquely Designed with You in Mind

The feeling you get as you take a cold shower on a hot day or a super-hot shower after a long day cannot be compared to anything else. This and many other factors make showers a whole lot more popular than bathtubs. For the perfect showering experience, there are three key elements. The first is, of course, the shower head. This determines how much and at what speed and angle the water hits you. The second is the flooring or tile which gives you the grip you need to dance around and have fun without slipping. The third and probably most important is the shower enclosure. This ensures not only your privacy but also physical safety as well as adding aesthetic value to your home. Glass shower enclosures are without a doubt the most elegant and as a result the most popular in the world of interior design and bathroom décor.

Glass shower enclosures have the ability to bring out the visual and intricate beauty as desired in contemporary bathrooms. They are increasingly becoming the number one choice by homeowners and home builders in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, St. Pete, Tampa, Orlando, and all over Florida.

Custom Glass Shower Door Advantages

Personalized Measurements

There are many different bathroom shower openings which require proper measurements in order for an enclosure to fit perfectly which is one of the biggest benefits of a custom glass shower door. Once an order is made, Florida Shower Doors manufactures every piece of glass to fit that particular residential or commercial project. A shower door designed and fabricated for a specific bathroom opening has a more exclusive look compared to a one-size-fits-all installation. Each individual project provides our company with a different challenge that can be overcome and completed.

Different Design Possibilities

Another great benefit of a custom glass shower door is the wide range of possibilities they offer. Custom glass doors come with limitless design options. Whether it’s a frame-less, pivot, semi-frameless or framed shower door, a custom shower enclosure is exactly what you need to complete a bathroom design dream. Pivot inline doors, frame-less single doors, hydro-slide enclosures, and frame-less inline doors are other design options available.

The Choice of Glass is Yours

The glass in a shower door can be as beautiful as it is functional.  The most popular choice is clear glass, which creates an elegant space that can be a blend of decorative tiles and other bathroom design elements and opens up the space. Clear glass shower doors allow for light to shine through, resulting in a bigger, brighter bathroom. Designs and effects like rain, frosted, and ultra clear glass can turn a door into a large work of art that makes a statement about ones personal style . With options to select the kind of glass pattern, the design aspect is taken a notch higher.

Hardware Finishes to Match

Select a customized finish on hinges and handles. With this option, the finish of a custom door coordinates with every other hardware in a space. Polished Chrome,  Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze are Florida Shower Doors stock finishes offered to give a bathroom shower enclosure a touch of absolute beauty and elegance. Custom order finishes such as Matte Black is another option to get your dream color.

Glass shower enclosures are relatively new in the world of bathroom interior design. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, they are quickly gaining popularity due to their ease of cleaning and maintenance compared to other options such as shower curtains. Please visit our glass care and maintenance page for more cleaning instructions and information.

Finally, many homeowners prefer a custom glass shower enclosure as they may be designed in any shape, texture, and style to suit the specific needs of a bathroom. Florida Shower Doors; excellence in custom glass shower doors. Uniquely designed with you in mind.