How to Get Your Shower Door Process Started


Are quotes free?

Yes, estimates are free.

How can I get a quote?

You can get a quote by calling our office, requesting one on our website, or coming in to our showroom. We can provide an approximate quote in our showroom, over the phone, through email, or we can send out a shower technician to take measurements.

What information do you need from me to get a quote?

  • Which type of shower you’re interested in
  • Your layout with approximate measurements (width and height)
  • Hardware finish.

Quotes are based on type of shower unit selected, hardware type/finish, and square footage of glass.

When and how will I receive my quote?

You will receive your quote within 48 hours after it is requested. We send out a written quote to the email address you provided us with (unless you requested a phone call with your quote instead). If you do not receive your quote within 48 hours, you should call the office to check on its progress.

Should I come into the showroom before or after the measure?

You can come in at any anytime during the process.

You should come in before your measure if:

  • you’re not sure which type of shower enclosure you want & you want to see/operate the shower units in person to decide

You should come in after your measure if:

  • you prefer in home suggestions/design tips from a shower technician, & then you can come in to see/operate the recommended shower unit

Do I need to come into the showroom during this process?

No, you don’t need to come in to the showroom at all if you don’t wish to. We can complete this entire process over the phone & through email with you. During the quoting process, you will receive in email your written quote along with photos of the shower unit you have selected. We also have a virtual shower door showroom on our website. Click here to visit.

Does my tile need to be complete to get a final measure?

Yes. Anywhere that the shower glass is sitting needs to be complete. This includes tile and your sill/threshold. Grouting does not need to be complete. However if the grout is wet, please let us know. The technician may need to step into the inside of your shower for measuring purposes.

How should I build the shower?

All frameless shower units require tile up your walls with 2×4 plywood installed behind the tile, providing support for the heavy glass to be anchored.

Can I get a frameless unit installed on fiberglass walls?

No. Fiberglass has airspace and no support behind it to hold heavy glass. You can however do a semi-frameless or fully framed unit. It has more metal to provide support and thinner glass.

What do I need to do to order my shower?

We need to complete a final shower door measurement at your home, and a 50% deposit will be collected.

What is my lead time?

The lead time between final measure with deposit taken and installation of your shower can range anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks. If the unit you chose is in stock or out of stock, your lead time may vary to be more or less. Please ask your customer service representative for more information regarding your shower lead time.

How long is my quote guaranteed for?

Your quote is guaranteed for 30 days. If you’re not ready to proceed, you can put down your 50% deposit to lock in your price. That way, it’s on hold until you’re ready.

Please note: All quotes are approximate until a final measure is taken at your home.