The Bathroom of Your Dreams

The Bathroom of Your Dreams

When fantasizing about the bathroom of your dreams, first thoughts may likely drift to the shower. When a shower has all the design elements and luxuries needed, a bathroom can change from a cold room to a relaxing amenity.

When ordering a new custom glass shower enclosure, consider adding these upgrade options to further personalize the shower door and turn your bathroom into a paradise. Let’s get inspired.  The door hinges right off the tile, perfecting that all glass, frame-less style.

Include a Towel Bar

A towel bar may be mounted to any glass panel or any custom shower door. Florida Shower Doors supplies a large selection of towel bar styles from 12”, 18”, 20”, 24” and up to 30” wide and may be single or double sided. Holes are drilled through the glass for the towel bar to mount. No more stepping out of the shower dripping wet and probing around for a towel in the closet when you can keep one handy, already attached to your shower.

Clamps to Stabilize Panels

Securing the custom panels to the wall is very important in order to stabilize the shower enclosure. There are two ways to attach your panels to the wall; the upgrade being 2” x 2” clamps. The glass has added fabrication to grip the compact heavy duty clamps. The clamps enhance the customized modern, fully frameless appearance of the shower enclosure and are very much preferred by most homeowners.

Select a Captivating Handle

Handle selection is the finishing touch for the design of your custom shower enclosure. The simplicity of a popular C pull handle completes the frameless look, but a custom style pull handle can add modern elegance that compliments your bathroom design. With a wide variety of styles, an upgrade handle option can give your enclosure that “one of a kind” feel.

Always keep in mind that you have other preferences as well for every custom shower enclosure: clear or pattern glass, which thickness you prefer, the color of hardware finish, and height choices. We are excellent in custom shower door manufacturing. We have a full range of custom shower enclosures… uniquely designed with you in mind.

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